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Do you need the map and directory of a shopping mall?

100+ Shopping malls in the USA and Mexico.

Stay tunned for more maps!

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Why Mapin?


Every map will show the exact location of the store you're looking for. Some maps have directions that will help you arrive to the store you're looking for. We're constantly adding new maps for our users.


Califronia, Florida, Texas, New York, etc. The sky is the limit! We want to revolutionize every indoor experience for every user around the world.

Contribute and help other users

Everyone can contribute to add more maps or update one. You can contact us if you want to share a map or improve content.

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Mapin allows everyone to see and interact with maps and directories of hundreds of shopping centers. Since 2018, we have always wanted to create a new experience when people are going through a shopping adventure, by giving them the power to have every store of hundreds of shopping malls in their hands.